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CATEC Ozone Generators

Ecosphere Technologies Inc. was on the scene with its mobile emergency water filtration system providing clean water to the citizens of Waveland, Mississippi when their municipal water supply was compromised after Hurricane Katrina. The vehicle can produce clean, potable water from rivers, streams and other water sources. CATEC supplied the High Performance Ozone Generators onboard this vehicle as well as contributing many other significant projects.

Advantages of Ozone

bullet  Ozone is the strongest oxidant and disinfectant available for the treatment of aqueous solutions and gaseous mixtures.
bullet  Although ozone is only partially soluble in water, it is sufficiently soluble and stable such that its oxidation or disinfectant properties can   be fully utilized.
bullet  After ozone oxidizes or disinfects, it decomposes into oxygen
bullet  Ozone reacts with a large variety of organic compounds resulting in oxygen-containing organic by-products.
bullet  Although ozone is the strongest oxidizing agent commercially available, it is safe to handle. The primary reason is that it cannot be stored and, therefore must be generated and used on-site.
bullet  Ozone in its gaseous phase is a proven deodorizer for a variety of odorous materials.
bullet  Applying ozone to any medium (liquid or gaseous) does not add other chemicals.


Oxidizing Reagent Oxidizing Potential
Ozone 2.07
Hydrogen Peroxide 1.77
Permanganate 1.67
Chlorine Dioxide 1.57
Hypochlorous acid 1.49
Chlorine Gas 1.36
Hypobromous acid 1.33
Oxygen 1.23
Bromine 1.09
Hypoiodous acid 0.99
Hypochlorite 0.94
Chlorite 0.76
Iodine 0.54

CATEC has developed and manufactures some of the best Ozone generators available today. Through many generations of improvements, we have constantly improved their reliability. 

Available in  8, 16, 30 and 60 and 120 gm/hr. All units are self-contained with an adjustable positive pressure output and come standard with flow adjust, power indicator, Ozone "on" indicator, remote capability and fused circuits. The systems are designed for continuous duty or can be controlled remotely by a switch closure.

CATEC's exclusive Vari-Zone®  feature (optional) allows ozone concentration levels to be controlled from 0% - 100%, either manually or from electronic feedback such as an ORP meter. This allows for constant monitoring and feedback to insure pre-set concentration levels are maintained. High and low level alarms may also be set.

Contact CATEC directly for specifications for each model.  Click Here To E-mail Us


CAT-800 - 8 gm/hr , oxygen fed with onboard compressor, air cooled.      


120VAC Single Phase Voltage
5.0 Amps Current
8 gm/hr Ozone Output
Yes Remote
Optional Vari-Zone®
28.5 h" x 20.7" w x 9.6" d Enclosure


CAT-1200 - 16 gm/hr , oxygen fed with onboard compressor, air cooled.

Voltage 120VAC Single Phase
Current 7.0 Amps
Ozone Output 16 gm/hr
Remote Yes
Vari-Zone® Optional
Enclosure 28.5 h" x 20.7" w x 9.6" d


CAT-3000 - 30 (plus) gm/hr , Dual Chamber, oxygen fed with remote compressor, air cooled.


Voltage 120VAC Single Phase
Current 12.0 Amps
Ozone Output 30 gm/hr
Remote Yes
Vari-Zone® Optional
Enclosures (2) Generator 25.6h" x 32.3" w x 14.0" d

Compressor: 17.5" x 21.5" w x 8.5" d


CAT- 6000 - 60 (plus) gm/ hr, oxygen fed with remote compressor, fluid cooled.

CAT- 12000 - 120 (plus) gm/ hr, oxygen fed with remote compressor, fluid cooled.

Call or E-mail for CAT-6000 or CAT-12000 Specifications and Options.


Zentox Corporation is an Industrial Water Treatment Company that specializes in engineered solutions.  In the search for environmentally sound technologies, Zentox has verified the commercial use of ozone in a cooling water treatment program as well as a cornerstone in disinfection for water reuse.  Zentox does not manufacture ozone equipment and has gone through many different manufacturers over the past 7 years in order to find reliable and cost effective products.

Zentox has evaluated CATEC Ozone Systems and we find them to be of the highest engineering design and manufacturing standards.  We are so impressed that we have commissioned CATEC in the development of a product to fit many needs in our water reuse systems.

The honesty and integrity of the CATEC organization are not equaled in the industry and the ability to solve engineering problems to provide the most trouble free ozone systems is noteworthy.  It is the pleasure of Zentox Corporation to highly recommend CATEC as an ozone system manufacturer.

Joe D. Phillips, Vice President and General Manager

I  purchased a competitors reclaim system for my car wash. After a year and a half my ozone generator burned up. They told me it would be $4,850.00 to replace it! I decided to buy a CATEC ozone generator instead because of their reputation and warranty. CATEC was very helpful in helping me adapt their unit to my reclaim system. I can honestly say my CATEC ozone generator has been running flawlessly for over three years now.  My reclaim water is nearly clear (much better than it was) and there is no odor.  You can bet my next reclaim system will come from CATEC!

K.J.  San Antonio, TX

I was having serious odor problems with my brand new water reclaim system. I couldn't get help from the company I bought it from so I contacted CATEC. CATEC invited me to bring the competitors ozone generator to their labs to test.  I took it to them while on vacation in FL. I was appalled to see that my generator was barely putting out 8 grams an hour. The company I bought it from (CATEC's competitor)  told me it puts out 24 grams an hour. There was no way for me to verify that. CATEC then showed me their ozone system on the test bench. It was putting out more than they specified!  I ended up buying a CATEC ozone generator and I haven't had an odor problem since installing it.

A.J. Bishop, Grand Rapids, MI.                                                                                                                                                            

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